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About us Band

The first mention about Petr Kalandra's revival originated 23rd November 2004 in one bar after a gig of Vlasta Redl. In a slightly inebrious state I started to talk to Mira Kuzelka while the main subject of our conversation was about a time when we (me and Linda) "rediscovered" Kalandra's music and lyrics. A question if I together with Mira go to the project happened almost immediately afterwards... to be exact a question regarding us joining Petr Kalandra Revival Band. The answer was - YES - and I passed my call card on to him waiting for Mira Kuzelka's call or e-mail with some details and ideas regarding the new project.

Mira Kuzelka got in touch one day indeed. The first thing he was asking about when calling was: "... Amper, why do I have your call card?". Then nothing was happening for a long time. I slowly started to doubt about the whole thing...

Then after approximately 4 months of waiting Mira got in touch for second time and so we actually agreed the "Petr Kalandra Revival Band" - our common project - for the second time. Its first-introducing-rehearsal happened 21st April 2005. We addressed Petr Batek the drummer (actor of Most theatre and drummer of TUDOR the band of Plzen) on this rehearsal (very easy rehearsal). The keyboards' position was reserved to Petr Ernst and because of his player's capacity surcharged also second keyboards' player got invited in a few months, Martin Bradek.

Present band:

Mira Kuzelka guitar, vocal

Oldrich Simku (Linda) guitars, vocal

Jiri Starek (Ringo) drums

Jan Petrasek (Amper) bassguitar, vocal

Igor Sikula mouth organ

Jiri Charypar guitars, vocal

Oskar Petr - special guest guitars, vocal

Zuzana Michnova - special guest vocal

About us Petr Kalandra

Petr Kalandra
(*1950, + 7.9.1995)

Appeared in TV within his childhood already, in "We search for a song for children" programme for example. Sang in bigbeat band named "Karkulka" when he was 13 years old. Petr Kalandra's production was mainly influenced by Bob Dylan, J.J.Cale, Tracy Chapmann, Robie Robertson, Van Morrison and some further ones...

Appeared with J.Hutka and A.Wotruba in "Platyz"the club in 1967-1968.
Played with Hutka,Merta,Hruby and Michnova in 70s.
"Marsyas" the band started afterwards in 1973 (Petr Kalandra, Zuzana Michnova, Oskar Petr).
1975 Petr Kalandra gets married,
1977 his daughter Caroline was born,
1978 "Marsyas" released its first LP (was cooperated by f.e. M. Kocab and O. Soukup).
1981 an another daughter (Christine) is born,
1981 live appearances with "Blues Session" the band,
1982 an another "Marsyas" LP is released ("Kousek prizne"),
1984 "Jen tak" LP of the same band. Leaves "Marsyas" in the same year to address himself more to A.S.P.M. the band (Petr Kalandra, Frantisek Havlicek, Jan Spaleny).
1991 works in a shop selling musical instruments,
1993 (December) LP "Blues Session 1" is released (also Pavel Skala, Jaroslav "Olin" Nejezchleba excepting the others... for example).
1994 (July/August) hospitalized in "pod Petrinem" hospital.
1994 Blues session vol. 2 (Zuzana Michnova and Jan Spaleny are godfathers of the LP).
1995 (spring) Petr Kalandra tours clubs with his programme named "Petr Kalandra and company".
7.7.1995 transported to anaesthesia-resuscitation detachment of army hospital where he
7th September 1995 died.

Discography of Petr Kalandra:


Ma vina
ASPM na Petince 1990
Asi v tom bude nejakej hacek
Vytopena dama
Blues pro Mr. Vanka
Blues in Mind
Poradny blues


Jen tak
Kousek prizne


Petr Klandra a Blues Session
Blues Session Vol. 2
Live & studio

1964 - 1995

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Play list - PKMB (*.doc)
Play list - PKMB (*.txt)
Stage plán - PKMB

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